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Terms and Conditions


  1. Entry fee is $20.00 per car. Entry fee is non-refundable.
  2. Entry fee of $20.00 is for the vehicle and driver and 1 passenger only. Additional passengers will be charged at $10 per person at the gate.
  3. Ford Hot Rods with non Ford Drivelines/engines will be permitted provided the non-Ford components are hidden from view.
  4. Only Ford manufactured and badged vehicles are eligible to be entered.  Other makes with Ford supplied components are not eligible, i.e. Sunbeam, De Tomaso, A.C. etc.
  5. Vehicles with sponsor advertising will be permitted. If you wish to hand out brochures or promote your sponsors in any way, other than signs on the vehicle, then you will need to apply for a trade bay.
  6. Vehicles must be on display by 9.00am on Sunday, and cannot be moved prior to 2.30pm.
  7. All vehicles are displayed at owners risk.
  8. Entrant number must be clearly displayed on the passenger’s side front windscreen.
  9. Only official 4 Sale signs will be permitted, these will be available on the day at $10.00 each.
  10. Please respect the nearby residents and refrain from revving engines during the display and keep the volume on sound systems low.
  11. Entrants are expected to behave in a responsible manner and are responsible for setting and clearing sites; surcharges will be made if this is not done.
  12. Entry will be from the east via Old Perth Rd only.
  13. Trailer parking will be made available to the west end of the grounds and off the oval.
  15. Caterers will be available providing a range of fast food and drinks.
  16. Proceeds to Charity.
  17. Maximum of 500 Entries will be accepted.

Cancellations and Refunds


The AFD’s policy is on Cancellations received prior to or on the day of an event: Refunds will only be made for requests received prior to the cut off date for entries. There will be no refund for cancellations after this date as orders for merchandise will have been placed and cannot be altered.